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AT&T Mobility Contract Extended Two Weeks

14 Feb, 2022

CWA/AT&T Mobility Bargaining Report #7. Feb 11, 2022. After three weeks of bargaining, the Union and the Company remain far apart on many major issues. Your Bargaining Team will not settle for a deal that we do not believe is fair and equitable, so we have agreed to a two-week contract extension. We believe that AT&T could have easily reached a deal within the last three weeks, we are not asking for anything unreasonable or undeserved.

In the last bargaining report we noted that some progress has been made, but it is not nearly enough to satisfy the needs of our members. AT&T is a multibillion-dollar corporation that pays its executives 10s of millions of dollars a year, so its not unrealistic to expect them to share the wealth with every one of its employees that make the profits possible in the first place. Mobilization is going to start ramping up.

We need every member to make sure AT&T knows that they demand respect and they deserve more. Please stay in touch with your local mobilizers and get involved. There is strength in numbers and power in Unity, let’s stand up and fight for what we deserve!!


In Solidarity:

Pat Telesco, District 1

Renee Rouser, Local 4320

Tonya Hodges, District 1

Danielle Brewer-Collier, Local 4900

Michael Baxter, Local 1101

Corey Davis, Local 7103

Frank Oliva, Local 1298

Rosa Wilson, Local 7110

Hannah Long, Local 2204

Alex Dorado, Local 9421

Jeff Reamer, Local 13000

Erdem Onder, Local 9509

Julie Daloisio, Local 13500

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Photo: Local 1101 members at Jersey Gardens mall store.