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Celebrating Black History Month at 129 St Verizon Garage

07 Mar, 2022

Technicians at the 129 Street garage celebrated Black History month with an event highlighting the history and people of Harlem. “We wanted to show different aspects of Black life in Harlem because we work in Harlem, we service the people of Harlem, and there’s so much history here,” Field technician and 129 St Connection Team member Foluke Robles said.

Field Technician and 129 St St Connection Team member Yadiyah Loussaint read Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise” and talked about Haitian revolutionary leader Toussaint Louverture. 


Foluke Robles speaking about the Harlem Renaissance, activism, the literary movement and nightlife in Harlem.


Field Technician Ron Willliams was a co-host of the event. He talked about the history of Afro-Latino people and read a poem by U.S. abolitionist Frederick Douglass.


Rita Palacios, Field tech and 129 St Connection Team member, mc'ing the historical trivia event she put together for the event. 


Field technician Diona Richardson helped organize the event.


129 St Techs enjoying the breakfast and the program.

Photos: Andre Dumas, Arkin Scott, Cardova Benjamin, Jorge Estrella