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Election Day is Just Around the Corner!

Early voting in New York and New Jersey is underway. You can vote early between now and November 6, or you can vote on election day November 8, 2022.

This is a critical race! We need to make sure we elect representatives who will stand up to to greedy corporations and have the backs of the communities they serve.

See below for New York, New Jersey and New England election dates and CWA District 1 endorsements.


New York State Election Dates & Endorsements

  • October 29 - November 6: Early voting for the General Election
  • November 8: GENERAL ELECTION DAY (All offices) | Deadline to postmark mail-in ballot

Statewide Offices

  • Governor: Kathy Hochul
  • Lt. Governor: Antonio Delgado
  • Attorney General: Tish James
  • Comptroller: Tom DiNapoli

You can see all CWA District 1 New York endorsements here.


New Jersey Election Dates & Endorsements


  • October 29 - November 6 - Early Voting Period (You can find early voting hours and location in NJ here)
  • November 1 - Deadline to apply for a Mail-In Ballot by Mail for General Election
  • November 7 – by 3:00 p.m. - Deadline for In-Person Mail-In Ballot Applications for General Election
  • November 8 - General Election

You can see CWA District 1 New Jersey endorsements - and CWA members running for office - here.


New England Endorsements

You can see CWA District 1 New England endorsements here