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FAQ on COVID-related Paid Leave & Unemployment

Every day brings new challenges as we navigate living and working in the face of the coronavirus. Whether you're working the field or in a healthcare facility, working at home or unemployed, we hope you are staying safe and healthy in these difficult times.

If you need assistance please reach out to your Shop Steward, Chief Steward or Business Agent. You can also call either the Manhattan Local office (212-633-2666) or the Bronx Local office (718-823-7330). Both offices remain open for our membership as we all continue to work during this crisis.

Emergency paid sick days and paid leave protections were signed into law in March and went into effect in April. Now CWA is urging Congress to take action to close the significant gaps in the law, and educating our members and the public about their rights.

Local 1101 represents workers at many different employers. If your employer implemented better policies than those documented here, those remain in effect. The policies below are a minimum, not a maximum.

You can find out more about eligibility and rights regarding paid leave and unemployment in the two documents below.

Click here for the 'Workers Rights Fact Sheet on Coronavirus Paid Sick Days, Emergency Paid Leave, and Unemployment Insurance

for the chart below showing different scenarios regarding COVID-19, Paid Leave and Unemployment