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Tell the NYS Assembly - Protect Call Center Workers!

Working for the State should not mean that your job is at risk of layoffs just because a contract changes hands - but that’s exactly what’s happening right now to 300 CWA members on Staten Island, and will keep happening unless we take action right now!

Send an email to your NYS Assemblymember to tell them to pass legislation protecting call center workers.

New York State contracts with private sector employers to provide call center services, and right now, when the contract changes hands, that can spell mass layoffs for the experienced workforce. As we all know, layoffs are massively damaging to workers and our communities, as well as the public whose service will be disrupted as the new company gets up to speed.

CWA Local 1101 represents nearly 300 workers at the State-contracted E-ZPass Customer Service Center on Staten Island whose jobs are now in jeopardy since the State rebid the contract to a new company and did not ensure any retention protections. We can’t let this happen again.

We’re calling on the New York State Assembly to pass Responsible Contracting for State-Contracted Call Centers (Bronson A.8939), a bill that would require the State to protect its workforce and retain workers when a contract changes hands. This bill has already passed in the NYS Senate - now we need to get it passed in the Assembly!

Click here to send an email to your NYS Assemblymember to urge them to pass Responsible Contracting for State-Contracted Call Centers!