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Tell Trump We Need the Defense Production Act NOW

Dear members. I am writing today to ask you to take action. Our fellow union members, and many of us ourselves, are “essential workers” on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. CWA represents thousands of healthcare workers, telecom workers, direct care workers, utility workers, traffic enforcement agents and others, in our local and others throughout our District, and we need everyone's support right now.

We have all heard of the criminal shortages of personal protective equipment like N95 respirators, protective gowns, latex gloves, and other protective equipment that helps prevent healthcare workers from contracting Covid-19. We also know that other workers, like people in grocery and drug stores, our brothers and sisters working for phone companies, for city and state government, transit workers, utility workers all need PPE too. As “essential workers” many of our members are required to go into work every day — and then home to our families -- and we must have protection too.

If you care about CWA members on the front lines of the Covid-19 crisis please click here to tell President Trump to activate the National Defense Production Act NOW!

President Trump has the power to make the difference by using the full force of the National Defense Production Act, which allows him to order U.S. manufacturers to produce goods needed to meet the crisis. In World War II, the government overnight switched the auto industry into the “Arsenal for Democracy,” changing from production of passenger cars to tanks, jeeps, and military aircraft.

We need President Trump to do EVERYTHING in his power to ensure that front-line healthcare and essential workers have everything they need to do their jobs and be safe.

Help us call on President Trump to fully use the Defense Production Act now and get America producing what is needed for frontline healthcare workers.

In solidarity,

Keith Purce, President

CWA Local 1101